Angela Parson Myers

Graduate student Natalie Beres can’t remember who attacked her that autumn night under the full moon. She can’t remember anything between leaving her lab in a secluded building at the south end of campus and arriving at her apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Covered in blood. Not her own.

She can’t remember. But she has a very bad feeling about the bloody bodies of two men discovered in the lab’s parking lot. She couldn’t be responsible for their murders, could she?

The young police officer with gentle eyes seems to suspect she could. And Natalie begins to suspect he might be right. But can she convince him she’s innocent? More important, can she protect him from the young man who’s on his way from the West Coast to find her…leaving a trail of shredded corpses along the way?

After the shaky beginning of their relationship, all Natalie and Michael want is to settle into life as a married couple. But things haven’t been quite the same at the police department since Michael saw his now-wife turn into a werewolf. When he signs on to carry a package to Scotland, the professor who hires him winds up on the floor of his lab in a pool of blood. Natalie soon learns that werewolves aren’t the only creatures who roam the night, and those who killed the professor are now hunting for her and Michael. Maybe some of the creatures of the night really are evil.